EXIT LEMONADE MINT Introducing a brand new flavor to the Exit Premium family: Lemonade Mint. Are you the type of person that just can’t have their lemonade without fresh mint? Then you are going to absolutely love this gum! Keep your pack close at all times with our new packaging, designed to fit any pocket and bag. EXIT LEMONADE MINT EXIT WATERMELON Attention all watermelon lovers, Exit this way! Now you taste the fresh summary watermelon flavour all year round. Five pieces per pack, five pieces of watermelon deliciousness! Better yet, it’s sugar-free and tooth friendly because we care about your teeth. EXIT WATERMELON EXIT ORANGE You can taste the orange freshness even before opening the pack! Exit Orange is both sweet and sugar-free, so get your taste buds ready for a sweet and citrus ride. A single pack of Exit Orange can make you feel like you’re walking through an orange grove. EXIT ORANGE EXIT WHITE Behind every white smile, you’ll find Exit White. To help prevent plaque and acid formation, Exit White will do the job! With its spearmint aroma, freshen your breath and show off your pearly whites. EXIT WHITE

BIG BLAST Big flavors come in small packages! Big Blast Watermelon packages maybe small but they are bursting with flavor! Big taste, small pack means you can take it everywhere you go; whether it’s at school or work, feel the summer vibes at any time! BIG BLAST WATERMELON BLOX BANANA The Banana has changed its shape! Blox Banana’s new elongated packs will give you the ultimate banana flavour! Oh how sweet the taste, banana lovers beware… it’ll blow your mind! BLOX BANANA BLOX STRAWBERRY For the love of strawberries! Red fruit lovers unite for the ultimate sweet experience with Blox Strawberry. Dive into a world of strawberries in just one bite to satisfy your fruity cravings. Blox Strawberry packs are specially made to fit in any pocket anywhere you go! BLOX STRAWBERRY UNIBOL EUCALYPTUS Two in one: Unibol Eucalyptus. Once you pop the liquid center you’ll reach the ultimate freshness! Re-energize yourself and keep your breath extra fresh with Unibol Eucalyptus. UNIBOL EUCALYPTUS